In Gigi Maddie Jane Weekends

Weekend with Gigi!!

A couple weeks ago Gigi came to LA for the last time!!! We are so incredibly thankful she makes visiting us a priority and never lets more than a few months go by without hopping across the country to see us! 

We spent some time reading.. 

And riding outside.. 

Every time Mom comes to California, she buys groceries and makes me a fresh flower arrangement. Sure hope this continues in Atlanta :) Hint, hint mom! 

And she brought us some Georgia goodies.. Loose Sugar cheese straws and cake pops! 

Friday night we went out for some sushi at Room. Then crashed pretty early.

Saturday morning we went shopping in Santa Monica. Maddie was a ham per usual!! 

This girl. She might look like AJ, but she has 100% of Mama's attitude. 

Little Mexican for lunch.. And Maddie discovered a love for guac! She kept licking the guac off the chip and sticking it back in! 

Maddie's signature "I'm over it face" hahah 

Saturday night AJ and I had our first alone date night since October!!! Maddie was a little confused why she wasn't going out to dinner! 

We went to STK and had some amazing drinks.. 

And reallyyy good food.. 

And then went out to drinks afterwards. Man oh man it was good for my soul. I can.not.wait. until we get back to Atlanta and date nights can become a more often thing!! 

Meanwhile back at home.. Maddie was feeling pretty yuck. But thankfully she was in good hands. (The doc confirmed on Monday that she had a respiratory infection, that she unfortunately had to just ride out..) 

Sunday we took Mom for her first ever Shake Shack burger! Look at that baby!! 

Maddie is a big fan of their hotdogs and cheese fries. Glad we don't have to give this up in Atlanta :) 

Gigi let Maddie try some lemonade.. 

Hahahahha! She only drinks milk or water, so that was QUITE the shock. 

Then we went to the Children's Museum! Such a cute place that I hope to go to a few more times before we move.. 

On Monday, Mom and I took Maddie for her 15 month well visit. You can read all about it HERE.

Then we went to Pitfire for pizza before we had to take Gigi to the airport. 

Such a good, relaxing weekend with my mom. For the first time ever, it was easy seeing Mom leave! We just have to make it to Memorial Day Weekend and we will never have to say goodbye for months again!! 

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  1. Woooohooooo!!!!!!!!! Can't wait for y'all to be back in GA!!!!!!!