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15 Months Update

Yesterday we took Maddie Jane to her 15 months well visit, so I figured it was about time to update the blog on our girl!! I love going back and reading the monthly updates, so trying to get them in every couple months now that she is one. Really at this age, I could do them weekly with how FAST she is growing and learning!! 
Dr. Yazdani said she was aboslutely perfect and is hitting all the right milestones. She is still our tiny girl and can't quite get over that 20 lb hump (Ha!), but is finally starting to catch up to other kids her age in the height department. 
Height: 2' 5" (24th percentile)
Weight: 19 lb 14 oz (28th percentile)
Head: 18.7" (90th percentile) 

I don't even know where to start!! She has been walking since 10 months, so by now we are at a full on sprint. And she has two speeds - on and off. She is a huge climber.. on the couch, in and out of a box, in the bathtub. Little girl never slows down. She has several words now and she is starting to pick them up faster and faster.. staples around here are "No", "Ma" (Molly), "Shoes", "Bye", "Hey" (which is always "Heeeeeeeyyyyyyy!"), "More", "Mama", "Dada", "Night Night", and more recently she is starting to say "1, 2, 3", and "A, B, C"! She is a nut!! She knows she funny and will do anything to make you laugh. She is great at playing independently and the toy of choice is always a book. She is always down to "re" (read) and "rock rock". She has songs from daycare that she knows motions to and little girl is on point with the dance moves. Clean up is her favorite game - she is always down to help put her toys in the basket. She's devious though.. she knows what is off limits and loves to see juuuust how close she can get! And she thinks it's hilarious! She will take off into the bedroom with something she's not supposed to have and cackle all the way!! She is really "getting" the world around her and it is so, so fun. 

Well Maddie has been sick the majority of 2017, so sleep has been hit or miss. She has been coughing her head off so much that I have been really relaxed with the whole no bottle in the middle of the night thing. Fingers crossed she gets to feeling better and we can get back on track before the cruise!! She always gets one really good nap a day.. sometimes she crashes at 9am, sometimes it isn't until noon and sometimes we get two naps in. We try to stay on schedule and at least have quiet time twice a day.. I think she is inching closer to dropping down to just one nap. 

Not much has changed in this department.. girl loves to eat!!! She walks around all day, every day signing and saying "more!!" If it was up to her, she would eat exclusively fruit. Now that she finally has teeth, there isn't much we don't give her off our own plate! She does get distracted eating though.. she wants to play or feed Molly, so all too often she is picking off our plate later in the evening or sucking on a fruit/veggie pouch while running around. We are trying our best to eliminate this habit!! A typical day looks something like this:
6am: Whole milk
6:45am: Breakfast.. bananas/waffle/etc
9:00am: Snack.. cheese cubes/ham/cherry tomatoes
11:00am: Lunch.. strawberries/mac & cheese/green beans
1:00pm: Whole milk before nap
4:00pm: Snack.. mandarin oranges/crackers
6:00pm: Dinner.. whatever we eat
7:30pm: Whole milk before bed

Dr. Yazdani told us we have to ditch the bottle by 18 months, so pray for us!! Not looking forward to this. It's totally a comfort thing.. She has it at nap and bed time. She doesn't use a paci or suck her thumb, so little girl is probably going to have to find some self soothing techniques the hard way...

When Maddie loves something, she REALLY loves it. She grins from ear to ear, does a little dance, and taps her feet until she gets it. Those things include brushing her teeth, going outside, squeeze snacks, her blankie, and iPad time. And little girl is OBSESSED with shoes and purses and jewelry. For the longest time, I thought she was going to be a tomboy, but no way, Jose. She is all diva and so much sass. The more bracelets, the better. We struggled with the temper tantrums around a year, but we've definitely turned a corner. She does still get big crocodile tears over taking her tooth brush away, when anyone goes outside without her, and sometimes the car seat. 

Oh Maddie Jane, we love you SO much. Every single day you change a little bit and I just wish time would slow down. Every single week I notice huge changes in your understanding of the world around you. You're fun girlfriend. You light up any room you're in. We constantly get compliments on your huge smile, bright eyes, and great manners in public. We could not be prouder of the little girl you're becoming. We love you BIG Maddie Jane, don't change a thing.

Some of my favorite pics from the past three months...

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  1. It hurts my heart that she's growing so quickly! But that pain is eased by how cute and smart she is :) and as you would say..."all the heart eyes"