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Life Lately

Sit tight... this is a long one. I'll try not to talk too much :) 

Miss priss loves some iPad time. But only for about 10 mins and she'e over it, and it has to Barney, or else.

A couple weeks ago we wore our brightest colors for Baby Brett. Her short little life was not even a year in length, but she touched SO many. And her Mama has been a shining light too. If only we could all have the faith to move mountains like The Boyers.

I had a rough/long week, and AJ had this waiting for me one afternoon. Not sure what I did to deserve him, but I will be forever, and ever thankful.

Maddie girl is getting the hang of this coloring thing and we are loving having it at restaurants! 

We had a our weekly sushi fix at a new place last week and we were all fans. 

Especially of the gigantic fish tank!! 

These two! Make my heart freakin burst. I love them so.

Bubbles have also been a new thing around these parts. And we can't.get.enough.

And teeth brushing!! Maddie Jane LOVES to brush her teeth. And cries every single time I take the tooth brush away.

MJ tapped on her Louisiana roots and celebrated Fat Tuesday! 

We've been rocking the piggies, and I can not get over how BIG she looks!!

My girl. The one who made me Mama. All the heart eyes.

We have had some pretty crummy weather in SoCal. It has rained more the past two months than the entire 3.5 years we have lived here!!! So Friday when we had some nice weather, we immediately took advantage! 

THAT. FACE. ahhhh 

On Saturday I participated in Cycle for Survival. It was such an inspirational event! (And really makes me want to get back into cycling daily!!)

Ares raised over 55k and was the number one fund raiser in all of Southern California!! SO Proud of team HR!

We had 10 bikes so everyone cycled for an hour over 4 hours. This is a lot of the 9 & 10am shift. Rare cancers really get underfunded, therefor research really lacks. If you want to donate where you KNOW 100% of your money goes to cancer research, please visit my link! It's open till April 1st! 

Sunday Maddie Jane completely refused to take a nap. All.Day.Long. So this was my face when we were headed out to a pre-planned dinner... 

Fortunately, the restaurant was PACKED with wild and crazy kids, so Maddie spent the entire time taking it all in and eating her mac & cheese. (All the Mama's said amen.)

And that's it for life lately.. We are counting down the days till Gigi gets here (FRIDAY!!!) AJ and I cannot wait for our first date night since October!!!! Like I can't sleep I am so excited. 

Happy Tuesday, y'all.

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  1. My hear is happy seeing all three of y'all !! 😘😘😘