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Hayden's Bat Mitzvah in Phoenix!

Friday Maddie Jane and I hopped on a flight to Phoenix for Hayden's Bat Mitzvah. Traveling with her at 6 weeks was muchhhhh easier than now. She is a fast crawler and can take a few steps, so these days it's all she wants to do! 

I was bribing her with anything in sight to be still.. Look at that face! "Mom, I can really have these cookies??"

Of course the SECOND the plane landed, she fell asleep in my arms. Slept through getting off the plane, getting our bags and loading into the car seat and into the car.. Sigh.. 

We had a dinner that night with all of Hayden's family that had come into town for the festivities. This sums up our life lately.. Maddie eating and trying to get away and a glass of red wine in my hand! hahah 

The party STARTED around the time she is usually taking a bath and getting into bed, so I was beyond nervous how the night was going to go. She was a complete dream!! I could not have asked for anything more - she was so sweet and sat at the table so nicely. Love love love my girl!  

Me, Mom, and Maddie with the guest of honor - cousin Hayden!! (That bib y'all.. We go through 3-4 a day, plus several outfits.. oh the drool..and still no teeth..)

Aunt Denise welcoming everyone.. The dinner was so nice!! We sat outside (bc it's still in the 80/90s in Phoenix!!) and enjoyed pizzas, salads, wine and ended the night with gelato! 

Sweet girl fading.. we didn't leave until close to 10pm!! She did SO WELL!

Saturday morning the service was during nap time.. so of course she fell asleep on the way there, but promptly woke up the first song that was played! We ended up hanging out in a side room eating our weight in cheerios, ha! 

After long naps for the both of us, we had lunch in the hotel restaurant while Mom and Chip helped set up for the party. 

And hung out by the pool.. (Terrible Mama forgot swim diapers and swim suits..)

Then it was party time!! This girl was tearing up the dance floor before the guests arrived. 

And then we spent the rest of the night like this!! hahahah Our girl is on the MOVE.

Maddie takes after her Daddy in the photo booth department! 

Isn't this set up so awesome?! Clint and Denise completely turned their backyard into a 13 year old's dream party! 

Hayden making her grand entrance!! 

Traditional Jewish chair dance! 

My girl taking it all in.. sensory overload for sure. 

During Bat Mitzvah's you light candles and honor people that play big roles in your life. Hayden opted to do something a little different.. She had balloons with lights that the guests threw into the pool when she honored them. 

Dessert bar!! Champagne flutes filled with candy, then topped with a cupcake.. YUM-O.

Maddie Jane loooveess Gigi!! 

And her C too! But pretty unsure about that mustache of his.. 

Around 9 she started to fade.. two nights in a row of partying is tough on a girl!! 

She was out before we made it out of the neighborhood! She slept through bathing her and putting on her jammies!! It was a whirlwind weekend, but we are SO glad we were able to make it to Phoenix. Such an awesome experience going to our first Bat Mitzvah and so special that it was for a girl that we love so much!! Mazel Tov Hayden!!! 

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