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GA Tech Game + a million pics of MJ

We took Maddie Jane to her first Tech game a couple weeks ago. Well kinda.. we went and tailgated at Fiji then watched the game from our house. Baby steps,, right? 

Of course she was the ham of the party and walked around Fiji liked she owned the place. It was pretty special seeing her in that place that means a lot to us :) 

MAYBE next year she will be ready to actually go into a game.. And sorry kid, you can't go to a real football game (ahem UGA) for quite some time. Mama can't risk having to leave early, ha! 

Now a big drop of precious pictures of MJ from my phone. We have been to the park 5 million times over the past couple weeks while our house has been shown over 20 times! (BUTTTT good news - that's over!! We accepted an offer and we close on November 2nd! Soooo relieved!) And we have been soaking up all the best friend Natalie time we can before the big move! 

(Also side note: Daddy dressed her. I think he may be color blind. Good thing he's pretty cute and we will keep him around :))

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