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Friday Favorites

How do short weeks feel like THE longest weeks ever!? I am literally dragging to the finish line today and counting down until I can get in my bed! Here is a random assortment of my favs this week! 

1. Old Navy Finds
Old Navy is always a hit or miss for me and my last haul was 100% a hit. I am loving incorporating some fall colors into my wardrobe and pretending like fall weather will be here soon, ha!

2. Play time with our girl
Maddie Jane and Molly both have soooo much energy, and this sweet park near our house covers them both! MJ is especially a big fan of the little creek that flows through it. 

 3. First Mani! 
Last Friday I took Maddie Jane to get her first manicure. I was verrrry skeptical, but she was absolutely perfect. Like.. I wondered if she was still my child, she was so well behaved. Her mani was only $4, and she has already scratched it all off, but I am def taking her again next time! 

4. The greatest Honey ever!  
Honey stayed with us two different times this month, and that woman is a Godsend! She helped me so much getting our house ready for viewings and her relationship with MJ is just so special. Don't know what we would do without her! 

  5. Naked Pallet
I know I am like 5000 years late to the party, but I finally got a Naked pallet. It was on sale last week at Sephora for $27 and I finally felt like that was low enough (but still pretty ridic) to snag it! I have been loving trying out all the different shades this week! Now someone come teach me how to contour.. 

6. IDR Family
Our Atlanta office absolutely knocked it out of the park (pun intended) this quarter. We achieved our Q3 goals in August!!! So we hit up (again pun, hahah) the Braves game on Wednesday! So incredibly proud of this team and completely turning the ATL office into a powerhouse! 

7. Daddy will be home TONIGHT!
Ugh, I hate ending on not 5 or 10 but that pretty much sums up this week. AJ started his new job this week and it was my first of many weeks single moming' it. I can normally handle this pretty well but .. the trying to keep the house absolutely spotless for showings with a two year old, working around the clock, and some medical stuff going on.. I am worn me OUT. We are literally counting down the hours  until Daddy gets home!! 

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