In Family Gigi Weekends

Georgia Aquarium 

A couple weekends ago Gigi and C along with Lindsey and Ashton came into town to go to the aquarium with us! Maddie Jane had never been before, and she was completely awe struck the second she walked in. 

My step sister, Ashton, is so good with Maddie Jane! 

MJ jumped from person to person (whoever would hold her!) so she could get up close to alllll the fish. She immediately spotted out Dory and was just beside herself! 

We had to take a little snack break because she was getting cranky. I totally didn't think this trip through when I planned it on day light savings... 

Maddie Jane's favorite stuffed animal is Ping that Honey got her - she NEEDS him to sleep at night. Well she was pretty tickled there were penguins everywhere, because of their special puffin exhibit currently at the aquarium. 

PURE JOY. Love that girl and her excitement so much!! 

Gigi and Lindsey went and saw the dolphin show but there was noooo way Maddie Jane was going to wait in a line at this point. We will definitely be going back to do that soon - they said it was amazing!! (And better planned around sleep, ha!)

After the aquarium, we headed home for lunch and to celebrate Lindsey's birthday! It was such a special day and so glad so of our favs were there for Maddie Jane's first aquarium trip! 

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