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What's Up Wednesday

1. What we're eating...
Sunday: Chicken meatballs (randomly made them with onion soup mix, SO good!)
Monday: Grilled chicken parmesan & corn
Tuesday: Chicken alfredo (AJ made TWELVE pasta dishes and froze them last week. All the praise hands for easy dinners during the week.)
Wednesday: Chipotle lime salmon & asparagus 
Thursday: Cornish hens & roasted potatoes
Friday: Date night!!!

(And here is a picture of our cutie girl eating seaweed salad with chopsticks. TOTALLY my kid. Give me all the seaweed and sushi,

2. What I'm reminiscing about...
 Beverly's super fun bachelorette weekend! You can watch a fun video I made of it HERE.

3. What I'm loving...
Well what Maddie Jane is loving.. her new microphone that sings Let It Go! Of course our microphone loving friend, Kayley gave MJ her first one. And pretty sure she hasn't put it down since! 

And yes, she insists on signing into the wrong end, haha! 

4. What we've been up to...
This weekend we hosted a house warming party for all our our friends to come see our new place! I made these little "Our life would SUC without you" succulents as favors.

A big bucket of beer and white wine on this side, and red over to the other. I was running around so frantically beforehand, I totally forgot to take pictures of the food. We kept it easy with several finger foods.. 

Our house was full to the brim with some of our very favorite people. My heart was just BEAMING. We have waited so, so long for this. LOVE our people and being back home.

Maddie Jane sure did love all the attention too. Not sure how many people she talked into pulling her around in her red wagon. 

Sweet Kell Bell helped me pull all this together (We have a rule to not go more than two weeks without seeing each other now.. living our best life.) And finally reunited with my other college bestie Allie. She lives less than three miles from us!! 

And a huge majority of AJ's pledge brothers all live in Atlanta now too. I know I'm a broken record but y'all... life is good.

We started the party at 4pm, so everyone was gone by 8pm... and we all collapsed on MJ's floor immediately after! 

5. What I'm dreading...
 Pollen season! All three of us are already sneezing and going through multiple tissue boxes per week. We need to get medicated STAT.

6. What I'm working on...
Our landscaping! Before the party, I got our window boxes planted, and the little area by the front door. Next on our list is getting pine straw and mulch down as well. 

And this one has been a big help carrying our pail around each afternoon to get everything watered.

7. What I'm excited about...
Finally having our fence done! So now Molly and Maddie Jane can come and go outside as they please! This particular day I was watching Maddie slide, and AJ cook, and a warm breeze was blowing in, and I had an ice cold glass of Kim Crawford. Ahhhh.

 We are enjoying this window of perfection before it is 100 degrees! (Girlfriend rocks these high heel Minnie Mouse shoes any chance she gets!)

And Molly is in HEAVEN. We have a ton of work left to do cleaning out the backyard. But waiting on my Stepdad to come up to help with all that in a few weeks.. 

8. What I'm watching/reading...
 I listened to The Wife Between Us driving to and from Bev's Bach and Y'ALL.. IT IS SO GOOD. Like, best book I have read in the last year. Go now! It's not your average chick lit - you will constantly be surprised. 

I also read Andi Dorfman's Single State of Mind this month. I read her first book, It's Not Okayand had this bad boy pre-ordered! Reading her book is like chatting with a girlfriend.. I was so sad when it was over! I kept looking back at her insta to match up the stories with pictures, which was really fun!

9. What I'm listening to...
We've had The Lumineers Pandora station rocking lately. Solid playlist to wind down the evening.

10. What I'm wearing...
I took a grand total of ONE outfit picture this month. Blogger fail. But it is something I am doing a lot lately.. "winter white"! I have been rocking my white jeans with light sweaters as we are transitioning into warmer weather.. 

Also wearing THIS polish! I just got my own gel light and I don't know why I didn't do it sooner. I was going every two weeks to get my nails done, spending a ton of money, and not always liking the finished product.  

Now my nails are done for free, it takes 15 minutes, and if one nail messes up, I can super quickly re-do it. My gel light is HERE for reference. I feel like it's such a steal and great quality. (Thanks to Elizabeth Holland for the recommendation!!) 

11. What I'm doing this weekend...
I'm going on a date with this hunk! We snagged a babysitter for Friday night, so we have plans for wine tasting and robata! Saturday I have some girl time planned with Kelley at the Beltline and taking it easy the rest of the weekend! 

12. What I'm looking forward to next month...
 We have a lot planned in March, but fortunately, it's mostly close to home. My mom and stepdad are coming up to help with some house stuff, my step sisters are coming up to go to the zoo, we have a neighborhood Easter egg hunt, Brit and her fam are coming up to go to the aquarium, and finishing the month off back in Sandersville for a shower I'm helping host for Kelli and Easter with the fam! 


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