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Friday morning Mom drove up to Atlanta and had lunch with me at work then picked Maddie Jane up from school. She was so excited to see her Gigi and they had a fun little girls afternoon. I got home from work and we declared it happy hour! 

After MJ went to bed, we had a girls night. Complete with matching PJs, face masks and catching up on Scandal. Words can't even explain how special my friendship with my mom is - I can't wait to do the same with my girl. 

Saturday morning we were up early for Maddie's favorite activity.. dress up! She is on a big Frozen kick right now, so anyyything that will make her look like Else, she is all about.

Then we headed to Athens for the Gym Dawgs meet! Mom took me to Gym Dawgs meets all growing up and I continued to catch some while I was in school at UGA too. Mom and I were both excited to get Maddie Jane to Athens for the first time! 

I graduated SIX years ago, and still had not walked under the arch! (If you walk under it before you graduate, you're cursed to never graduate! People take this very seriously, ha! The steps to the side of the arch are dented in from students only using that path.)

Maddie Jane was absolutely beside herself when we got to Stegman. Her eyes were huge and she just could not stop dancing! Her favorite part was definitely Hairy Dawg. (Also, it was a pink out for breast cancer!)

On the way to Athens I would say, "Go Dawgs!" and MJ would say, "Shh, quiet!" but it took just one trip to Athens to convert my little jacket to a dawg! 

Once we got back home, I grabbed AJ for a little date night while we had our free babysitter in town :) We went to the jewelry store to get my ring fixed then popped into a random sushi restaurant for dinner. And it was the BEST I have had in Atlanta! (Katana near Lenox for you locals..)

It was a wild Saturday night and we were home by 7:00pm, ha! 

The next morning it was freezing cold and raining, so we decided to stay in our PJs by the fire ALL day long. It was glorious. Gigi left later that afternoon and we opted to watch the Super Bowl from home with the yucky weather and MJ's looming bedtime.

Monday afternoon Maddie Jane was entertaining as always -- singing, dancing, talking up a storm. LOVE this age and her little personality. 

All the heart eyes.

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