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Weekend Scenes

Friday afternoon I picked Maddie Jane up from school and she was PUMPED to be facing forward for the first time. (Well in my car.. earlier that day on the way to school in AJ's car, she cried hysterically...) Now every day she excitedly proclaims, "I'm a big girl!!"

That evening we had AJ's sister Alix and her boyfriend over for drinks and dinner. We popped some rose and had some amazinggg scallops! 

Saturday morning sweet pup and MJ took it easy while I was checking off my to do list around the house. Love their sweet little friendship (or maybe I should say MJ dictatorship, ha!)

Left Maddie Jane home to nap with Age and I met up with two of my favs! Kell, Allie and I had brunch in Buckhead then perused Target. It was THE perfect way to spend my Saturday. 

That evening the dinner parties continued and we had Beverly and Ben over! 

We had pork tenderloin with a blackberry ginger glaze (holy yum) with polenta and allll the red wine. Bev made to-die-for bacon wrapped dates for an app, as well as fruit pizza for dessert!

When we were house shopping, I plugged every address in to ensure it was 5 miles or less from these guys. Anddd now, we gloriously live 3.1 miles from our fav couple. #framily

Beverly brought over these gorgeous tulips too! I can not get enough of these things lately - I have multiple vases of them throughout the house!

Maddie Jane tried to stay up to hang with our company, but eventually had to crash. Found her like this when I went to check on her later that evening, ha! 

Sunday's forcast was for rain So when we woke up to semi clear skies, we took advantage of that small window and headed towards the park! 

This park has been closed for awhile now due to some storm damage, and I was pumped to see it was back open. We you can find us here every weekend until it gets 95! 

After a change of clothes, lunch and a nap for MJ, we went on a little Target shopping trip. 

And I came home and made ALL the food. I am going to Bev's bachelorette this weekend and signed up for dinner one night. SO I made a lasagna and an alfredo bake for that (and stuck it in the freezer), then made an alfredo bake for a family in our neighborhood that just had a baby AND we had lasagna that night for dinner. It took several hours, but totally worth it that all that work is behind me! 

We wrapped up our Sunday with some painting by Picasso Maddie Jane. She LOVES to paint and we weren't too upset to be outside some more before the rain came. 

I hope you guys are having an amazing Valentine's Day! I will post all our love day hoopla soon. Spoiler alert: Maddie Jane may or may not have received her 9th stuffed elephant. 

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