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Friday Favorites :: MJ Birthday Edition 

Hey y'all! I am linking up with Erika, Narci and Andrea for another week of Friday Favorites. This week alllll my favorites are about our sweet birthday girl! 

On Sunday at church she finally got to visit that oh so tempting table for birthday kids! She picked out a few bracelets and got s birthday sticker :) 

We have also been breaking in her birthday gift from us, her pretty red wagon. 

She thinks its QUITE the upgrade from a stinky stroller and loves that she can change seats and bring along as many stuffed animals as she pleases! 

Daddy was home on the morning of her birthday and she squealed in excitement when he woke her up. (This was post meltdown because I wouldn't let her wear that Santa outfit in the background..)

AJ and I also got to take "happy cakes" as she calls them to her class. Those sweet kiddos were precious but not many made it past that mound of icing!

And we busted her out of school early for a fun little afternoon with just the three of us. (We had plans to go to hibachi, but AJ had a meeting.. so Maddie's FIRST experience with the fried rice happy face and onion volcano will be TONIGHT!)

Auntie Paige and Uncle Cody sent her an edible arrangement with balloons! (That we had to tie to the dog leash so she would stop letting them float to the ceiling, haha!)

Look at that cutie bouquet with a pineapple two!

And they sent us chocolate covered strawberries for keeping our kiddo alive for two years! ha!

Shout out to Auntie Paige for feeding MJ dinner since hibachi fell through..

And my sweet mother in law sent ME flowers on Maddie Jane's birthday. She's a GEM. She is a big proponent of sending love to Mamas on their children's birthdays, and I couldn't agree more :)

Maddie Jane is meeting the big man in the red suit this weekend for the first time. Fingers crossed that goes well :) Y'all have a great weekend and GO DAWGS.

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