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Halloween 2016!

All weekend long we stayed home and rested after SO much going in October and SO much coming up in November. We only left the house twice! Once for church and the other to grab some dinner Saturday night. We thought with it being Halloween weekend, we would put Maddie in her UGA cheer costume for Auntie Bev! 

My little blur wouldn't be still! But still so stinkin cute!! 

Bow ripped out per usual.. but all smiles at dinner watching lots of football and the World Series!

On Monday morning before daycare, I tried to snap some pictures of her in the festive outfit Gigi got her! 

This picture cracks me up every time I look at it!! That soft smile! hahaha 

Trying to rip that bow off... 

 Andddd it's gone! 

On the move!! 

This one will have to do... 

After I picked her up from daycare, we had a quick dinner and headed out to Trick of Treat! She is NOT a fan of grass.

She got away FAST!

Best pic of the 400 I took!! 

Attempt at a shot with Shark Molly.. 

And still trying.. 

And giving up! haha! 

Maddie was completely stone faced at the 3 houses we went to.. not a smile or roar! We hung up the trick or treating bucket and walked around the neighborhood enjoying all the decorations and older kids dressed up. AJ commented when we got home that he was sure that was the most low key Halloween we will have for the next 12 or so years! Sure do love getting to do holidays with this family of mine.. now bring on Thanksgiving and Christmas in GEORGIA!! 

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