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Weekend Wrap Up

Good bye May Gray and June Gloom!!! We spent the entire weekend outside by the beach, in the pool or at the splash pad. And that is exactly where you can find us every single weekend until October!! 

I started Friday off at the beach with my company for A.I.M. (Ares in Motion). We did a beach clean up down at Hermosa Beach with Heal the Bay. We collected a LOT of trash and over 30,000 cigarette butts! 

Around 40 Ares employees took part in this volunteer opportunity - this was my group.. Team HR + Brian.. Creative name, I know..

This was the third event this summer I had the opportunity to volunteer at.. one more to go at the end of the month! So thankful to work for a company that believes in helping out others.

Saturday morning we were at the park early for breakfast al fresco! Maddie had bananas and we had Starbucks coffee and pastries.

Laps and laps around the duck pond, then squealing and swinging! This girl LOVES the swings. 

And her first time sliding.. She wasn't too sure about it.. 

Then what we were really at the park for - the splash pad finally opened!! Another first for sweet girl - and we even face timed Gigi! (thank you water proof case..)

We had Molly and no pups were allowed on the splash pad, so we took turns taking MJ in. Not sure if Maddie or we had more fun! 

I enjoyed Hermosa so much on Friday, I convinced AJ to go down on Saturday for lunch. I love this beach so stinkin much - it is what I expected living in Cali would actually be like.. everyone in flip flops and surfboards.. super laid back and friendly. 

We have decided we are coming back every single Saturday! We ordered a tent off Amazon and plan on soaking up every little bit of my new happy place. 

Maddie AND Molly were both so well behaved being gone for 6+ hours. Proud Mama. 

Love this sweet little Cali baby of mine :) 

Sunday morning we were up early to get some exercise in and Maddie was helping Daddy with work.

After a nap, she was pool ready! How stinkin cute is that cover up?! We packed up our bags and headed to Auntie Jodi's pool for another lunch al fresco :) 

This baby was made for the pool. She alternated between kicking like crazy and lounging back, taking it all in. She stayed in until she was falling asleep in her float! 

We didn't even make it out of the neighborhood before she was out! She skipped lunch and slept for almost 3 hours after such a fun day! 

Bath and bed time for Maddie Jane.. Then AJ and I ended the weekend with a new vegetarian gnocchi dish (you can find HERE) and a bottle of wine..

Man oh man it does the soul some good to be outside. So thankful for the absolutely perfect California weather. We are trying to soak it all in despite wanting to be back in the South with our family and friends SO BADLY. Weekends like this make it pretty stinkin bearable :) 

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