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Friday Favorites!

Hey, y’all!!  It's Friday and I'm linking back up with NarciErika, and Andrea for Friday Favorites! It's a long one today.. Maybe I should actually blog more than twice a week!! Lots of fun things going on around these parts and some good links to purchases and recipes below :)

1. Afternoon Walks
We have had afternoon walks every single day this week!! It has been so nice to get some fresh air, soak up that California sun, exercise the pup and have some time with AJ without any phones/computers/TVs around :) 

And having this monkey along for the ride is the cherry on top :) 

2. Morning Runs
A couple mornings we actually made it up for a run too!! We are trying our best to get some exercise in. It's hard keeping this baby weight off with a company that has catered breakfast and lunch and unlimited snacks!! (I know, poor pitiful me..)

3. Monogram Clutch
Let me preface these next couple items with the fact I'm not a shopper. Well I am an amazing browser/window shopper, but when it comes to actually spending the money, I freak. I have a very detailed monthly budget in my head, and I get hives just THINKING about going over my "magic number".. With that being said, I keep a list in my head of all the things I want/need and wait until I find the perfect one, on sale, with like free shipping.. ha! (Just claiming my crazy over here!! )

So ANYWAY.. I have been wanting a clutch for awhile and have felt so naked at the last couple formal things we have gone to and I found THIS ONE on Etsy for $16, with the monogram!! So in love and ready to look cute and hold my own cell phone at our next event, ha! 

4. Nordstrom Sale
Like I said.. I wait for sales to buy the things on the special list in my head. .and the Nordstrom sale is not disappointing this year!! Open toe booties have been NUMBER ONE on my list for fall. And y'all I saw these and DIED. Complete perfection of everything I have been wanting and reduced from $150 to $99.. Wam, bam, thank you m'am. 

And this shirt happened because Mix and Match Mama has been raving over it all year long. And who doesn't need solid black shirt you can dress up or dress down?! I ended my Nordstrom Sale expedition with a much needed new white cami (and VERY begrudgingly took those distressed AG jeans out of my shopping cart..) If you are a card holder (as you should be!! HELLO Nordstrom notes!) the early access to the sale is NOW! And if you're not, you can get these goodies next Thursday!

Okay last purchase.. this shirt. SO IN LOVE. It is made by a UGA grad that now lives in Southern California. He makes some amazing (and some really funny!) shirts that you can find HERE. (Side note: 49 more days until college football!!!!)

6. New walker!! 
Auntie Paige surprised us and sent Maddie Jane a walker!! Seriously y'all I have the bestest best friend in the world. Maddie loves sitting in it and she is slowly but surely figuring out that this thing actually makes her mobile! We have to get it down before Paige gets here in THREE WEEKS!! EEK!

7. Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Cookies
I saw this cookie recipe on two seperate blogs this week and had to try it!! I love, love, love dark chocolate.. and AJ is a huge fan of mixing salty and sweet. They weren't life changing, a little too fluffy in my opinion, but everyone at work raved over them. If a fluffy sweet/salty cookie is your thing, HERE is the recipe for you :) 

8. New hobby: spying on Molly 
The other day I randomly turned on the nursery camera app on my phone at work and caught Molly in the nursery! Now I am so obsessed with checking in every now and then to see if she is hanging out in there. Nice to be able to check in on her and funny to see what she is up to with no one at home! Ahh the life of dogs. 

9. Summer Vegetable Gnocchi
We have a thing around the Pryor house where we try to incorporate a meatless dish in every week. And holy cow this was AMAZING. Pretty decadent and hearty with the cream and parmesan, but the corn freshens it up and it was my favorite part!! If you like to do a Meatless Monday - or wanting something new, you can find the recipe HERE

10. Because I couldn't end on nine.. 
One more picture of this nugget baby.

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  1. Hahaha Im just now catching up on the blogs (Read: procrastinating). Although MJ in her new toy from Auntie Paige should be my favorite--I have to agree that your new hobby of spying on Molly makes me giggle in a major way.