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Friday Favorites

Hey, y’all!! It’s Friday, and I'm finally linking back up with NarciErika and Andrea for Friday Favorites!! I am pounding out several blogs tonight because Mama has a BIG glass of wine and we are baby wearing.. our FAVORITE way to keep Maddie Jane content. 

I posted this a couple days ago in Instagram. I cannot believe my baby girl has grown out of her newborn PJs.. Oh be still my heart!! Those Gap ones are my FAVORITE and I am so sad to see them go. See you again one day with baby number two clown pajamas :) 

Being back home in our routine is my FAVORITE. Morning snuggles watching the news with a big ole cup of coffee. Mmmhmmm.

I could eat sushi because it is my absolute FAVORITE. It eases all those mommy emotions of not having my girl tucked away in the womb anymore.. Give me all the sushi.. and wine. 

Santa dropped this in my stocking and man oh man is it some good stuff. Nightly bubble baths are my FAVORITE. I look forward to that time of day when Age takes over and Mama gets some peace and quiet. 

Oh this girl probably doesn't get enough lovin these days. She is really warming up to Maddie Jane and follows me everywhere I go. She loves snuggling in the nursery with me .. That puppy dog face is my FAVORITE. 

Today I finally got out of my PJs to have a lunch date with my FAVORITE Cali friend Devri. Putting on some real clothes and makeup can really do the heart good.. And mhmm that denim on denim girl. All Target. Everything. 

This guy is my FAVORITE husband, ha. Oh how we look forward to when Daddy comes home every afternoon!! This afternoon we were counting down the seconds. Right after Maddie, Molly and Mama went to sleep the repair man knocks on the door and wakes everyone up. Waahhhhhhh!

We had a little happy hour next door to celebrate Friday. Oh that sunset! And my girl being on her best behavior at the restaurant.. my FAVORITE. 

The real reason we were next door (the mall) this afternoon was to pop into Apple. Age finally got a new laptop after six longggg years. The smirk on his face booting this bad boy up was definitely my FAVORITE. (Also my favorite.. turning in all of our old Apple products to get several hundred dollars worth of credit towards his new laptop!)

Check back tomorrow to see Maddie Jane's TWO MONTH update. Holy cow I cannot believe it's already been two months with our girl!!

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