In Maddie Jane

First few days..

We were up bright and early the day after we left the hospital for our first doctor's appointment. They were a little concerned with her biliruben levels, so we had to make an appointment the day after that too.. 

And we ended up back in the hospital.. 

This and the NICU are both pretty awful. In the NICU she was hooked up to so many wires, but at least she was all bundled up and cozy. No wires with the blue lights, but she had to be under them 24/7 unless she was feeding. And poor baby girl did not like being naked in that hard bed .. and it completely broke my heart. But at least we were in the same room and I could comfort her as best as possible.. 

They originally told us we would be in the hospital for 2-3 days, but after 15 hours under the lights Maddie girl was cleared to go home! We no longer have an orange baby!! Wooo 

Molly is slowly warming up to Maddie. At first she was veryyy standoffish and did not know what to think. Now she will get close to her.. for like 5 seconds. ha! Baby steps.. 

After a NICU stay and an extra hospital stay and wayyyy too many tears, I was so due for a drink. I couldn't have left her with anyone but my Mom and so glad she was here for me to get a break. AJ and I hit up our favorite sushi place and I ate all the sashimi and drank all the beer I wanted.. in the quick 30 minutes we were out! 

Speaking of my mom.. I thought two weeks was going to be PLENTY of time with her here, but boy oh boy was I wrong. It would be just fine with me if she moved in. It's not so much that I need her to help with Maddie, I just want her around for every little thing. I want her to see her first roll over, her first step, hear her first word.. and now I'm crying. Heyyy postpartum emotions, you can get it together any day now! 

The doctor has also been concerned with baby girl's weight. It is totally normal for babies to lose weight at the beginning, but Maddie just kept losing! Fortunately, last week we went back to the doctor yet again and she had gained 3 ounces in 48 hours! At this week's appointment we are hoping for 6 pounds!! I mean, just look how tiny she is! 

Age and I both have colds and are trying so hard to keep this little one healthy. She has her days and nights mixed up, but is finally eating well! Hopefully the entire family is on the mend and we will all be healthy by Christmas! We are loving life with our girl!! 

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